Forget what some project builders say, at Pycon we say it’s good to customise! You’re building a new life, let’s design and build you a home that adds to it in every way we can. Early on, we actively encourage you to think about any small changes that would make a big difference for you.

The thing to remember here is that not everything is an extra cost. A small change to a room dimension or flipping a floorplan may cost nothing more, adding extra height to garage door may cost a little extra but not as much as you might think and some customisations – like higher ceilings – will increase costs but add huge value to your lifestyle. It’s all up to you, we welcome discussing your customisation requirements. This is one of the fun bits about building your own home, like choosing your selections; by making little customisations you can truly make this house your home. What have you seen in other homes that would fill your heart with joy to use everyday? What little things have driven you crazy in the past that you could eliminate with a little more garage space, an extra shower, a soundproofed room?

Have a think - Here's some ideas for you

Keep dirt out with an outdoor shower

Salty surfers, sandy kids, dirty dogs can all be washed off in the drive or garden and keep whoever is cleaning the floors and bathrooms inside, onside. We can even include a warm water tap for winter.

Prep for the perfect pool

If you’re putting in a pool later, let’s chat about it now. There are so many little but important changes we can make that will save you time and money later on. From making sure services don’t run where the pool is going to be dug out, to cutting the block further and putting a retaining wall back a few metres to make space in the perfect place.

Save time in the morning – shower together!

You might like showering with your partner, or it be more of a necessity getting ready for work, either way you can extend your shower cubical and install two heads. Or put in twin vanities and each have your own, with your own bathroom cabinet above or below. All it takes is a little design magic and moving things around.

Cook up your ideal kitchen

For the home chefs amongst us. At Pycon we lay out every kitchen to be the easiest and most enjoyable to work in, but every cook is different.  Specify soft-close drawers to be specific heights, so you can drop giant pasta pots in a deep one here and slide your Japanese knives out of a slim one there. And do you want the choice of both a big and small oven? Or an induction cooktop for the speed, space and easy clean?
“We needed a lot of help to figure out what kind home was going to work best for our family. And the Pycon team could not have been more helpful. They took an incredible amount of time helping us tweak one of Pycon’s existing plans to perfectly suit our bizarre lot. We even got to throw in a few flourishes of our own.

Widen the use of your garage

Bikes, skateboards, surfboards, fishing rods, golf bags, lawnmowers, whipper snippers, leaf blowers the list of gear goes on. But where do they go? Widen your garage a little and there’s room for them along the walls and on hooks, rather than under your feet; and still get two cars in comfortably..


Life changes, needs change. Many Pycon plans have additional multi-purpose rooms which you could consider for a hobby, work or specific lifestyle need. Check out these 6 ways to use a flexi room...


Take time and avoid regrets - 72% of people who have built a home say they wish they’d spent more time customising their plan to include more of the little things that would suit their lifestyle.We hope we’ve got you thinking, ‘What little changes would ensure our home design fits the way we live our life? Our lifestyle profiler will help design a home that fits your life.


What will you customise?