At Pycon we think it’s what’s inside that matters most. Facades are important, for sure, but we believe that the inside – your floorplan - is the most important part of the house, because that is where you live.

The way our system works is that every floorplan can be matched with any of our five facade styles. So take your time browsing to find the floorplan that best meets your requirements then simply select your favourite exterior look. We have a wide range to suit every taste – from cool and contemporary to charming and traditional – all with a huge selection of finishes to make your home unique. If you don’t see an image of your preferred floorplan with your preferred facade don’t worry we can build it. So, feel free to can mix and match to make your perfect home.

Step 1

Browse our range of floorplans. We show all our floorplans in both 2D and 3D so you can really get a feel for how your space will flow.


Step 2

Browse our rooms. All of our floorplans come with detailed room images so you can get a sense of space and dimension for the main rooms.


Step 3

Browse our Facades. All of our floorplans can be built with all of our facade styles, so you don’t have to compromise your interior to fit with your exterior. In the floorplan section we show some facades that fit with each floorplan, along with some variations. If you’d like to try a different facade with your floorplan, please talk to us, most options are available.


Step 4

Come and talk customisations. We can work with you to make small changes to your floorplan and facade that might make a big difference to your new life.