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Why do we need a soil test and survey?

Why do we need a soil test and survey?

Soil test

Why do we need a soil test?
Before any builder can begin work on your new home, they need to know what type of soil is present on your site. This is because different soil types require different building treatments, and this is where a soil test comes in.

The results of the test lead to a soil classification which lets the engineer determine the requirements for the foundations of your home.

Some builders don’t review the soil test for your estate (if there is one available) or complete a soil test on your block when providing a quote. Instead, they provide an “allowance” for a standard soil type. It is only once you have signed a contract they undertake the testing or do a full analysis that is suitable for construction.

Why do I need a Survey?
A survey shows the slope of your land which is critical when determining the position and construction style best suited to your block. A simple rule of thumb is the steeper your block, the more costly it will be to build.

But the power of a survey doesn’t stop there. It also identifies available services, trees, easements and any other restrictions which need to be considered.

Having your home design based on the facts of a survey for your block is a good thing. Assumptions and unknowns can lead to unpleasant surprises, price shocks and time delays down the track as issues are resolved.

Our Tip – The sooner survey and soil test information are obtained and wrapped into the fabric of your home the smoother your journey will be.

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