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What is Basix?

What is Basix?


To help improve the sustainability and efficiency of homes the NSW government requires new buildings to comply with regulations known as BASIX. The NSW government states that since 2004 BASIX compliant homes have saved drinking water equivalent to 112,573 Olympic swimming pools and reduced greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 1.8 million cars off the road. The water consumption, energy usage and thermal comfort of all new homes are reviewed to ensure they meet the BASIX requirements.

Importantly, the same house built on different blocks can have different BASIX requirements due to the changing location and orientation of the homes. It’s possible for a builder to do the BASIX assessment prior to you signing a contract and we recommend this approach to ensure you know where you stand.

Our Tip – Ensure your builder has taken into consideration all the BASIX requirements for your home before you commit to build. The type of windows, insulation, hot water system, cooktop and even clotheslines may be impacted.

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