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What are Site Costs

What are Site Costs

Site Costs

What are Site Costs?
The slope of your land and soil test results form part of the overall site costs for your home. The poorer the soil and the larger the slope the more expensive the site costs. Other components of site costs can include vegetation or soil removal if your block requires a large cut.

The type and extent of any retaining walls also come in here. The conditions on your block may mean they are required. Or maybe they are a landscaping measure to create more level, usable space for your home.

Some builders will make allowances for site costs in your contract. If they aren’t sufficient you pay extra after you have signed. If items like retaining walls are not included in your contract it will be up to you to sort it out later.

Our Tip – Ensure your builder has done their groundwork before you sign a contract and be wary of allowances for site costs if they are in your contract. Without an accurate assessment of your site, you could be signing up to large hidden costs.

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