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Villa Developments and Townhouses

Multi-unit developments, villas or Townhouses could be an ideal solution for your piece of land. Multi dwelling developments are a great solution for medium density housing.  The market for medium density living is expanding and they offer the investor and buyer a versatile range of options. Legislation and designs are always changing.  Our experienced, expert team can advise you on the most complex developments. Contact us for an obligation free site assessment.

Some things to consider

  • Strata, Torrens or Community titles. Which is best for your development?
  • Dual Occupancy, Villa or Townhouse, which will bring the best return?
  • Council levies and Developer contributions.
  • Development assessment and construction approval process.
  • Experienced site and construction supervision.
  •  Acquiring your Final Occupation Certificate.

At Pycon, we do all our research upfront and manage these technical aspects for you. Making it an easy and simple process, with no surprises.  Before starting the building process, contact us for an obligation free assessment of your project.

Samples of our recent projects


Our latest award winning multi dwelling development of 4 luxury 2 storey townhouses. The project was constructed in North Harbour Estate, Port Macquarie and involved arranging design detail, registration of the Strata, construction of boatsheds, installation of a jetty, fencing and landscaping. Our in house designer was also contracted to provide all material selections, fixtures and colours.


An award winning medium density development of 7 luxury waterfront 2 storey townhouses and 1 single level villa. This project was constructed in the last man made canal in NSW, North Harbour Estate, Port Macquarie. Aside from the construction of 8 dwellings, the project included arranging the overall design, registration of part Strata and Torrens title, upgrading of electrical provisions, installation of 3 jetties and extensive landscaping. Relying on our extensive success in these types of developments the client also utilised our in house designer for all material selections, fixtures and colours.


A multi dwelling development of 5 waterfront 2 storey townhouses in Sirus Close, Port Macquarie. Each townhouse had a detached double garage with an overhead footbridge connecting the garages to the homes. The site had extremely limited space and access making the project challenging from beginning to end.


A waterfront development consisting of 7 luxury appointed 2 storey townhouses located in The Promenade, Port Macquarie. These Torrens Title townhouses show off sophisticated extensive landscaping and panoramic views for each unit. This project was a complete turnkey package including planning and design


This 8 villa gated complex was constructed off a main arterial road, Ocean Drive, Port Macquarie. The development had numerous compliance issues to overcome during construction and involved on-site stormwater detention, extensive landscaping, fencing and security gate requirements.


This development consisted of 21 villas. The sale prices achieved in this project set new benchmarks for villas in Port Macquarie. The requirements of the site, Council development restrictions, trees, fire compliance and multiple on-site bio-detention basins all made for a complex construction task.  

we’re with you every step of the way

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Forster Display Home – The Oceanic

97 Kentia Drive Forster Grange

Port Macquarie Display Home – The Waratah

18 York St Thrumster

Port Macquarie Display Home – The Bayside

20 York St Thrumster

Design Brochure

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