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Why Pycon chose Sonnen for our Solar Giveaway

Solar Giveaway

OFFER CLOSED. Pycon Homes is currently giving away free solar and battery storage valued at $14 429.  For Pycon the Solar Giveaway is more than just a promotion. In fact if you click here, you will find 4 great reasons why you should choose Solar –  For several months our team at Pycon researched various products on the market. We compared many different options and prices.  We wanted our Solar Giveaway to make a real impact on peoples lives. The Bristile and Sonnen product certainly was not our cheapest option.  We could have saved thousands with other products, but for us, the Solar Giveaway was not about a cheap promotion, but more about giving something of real quality to our customers.


From our family to yours! Between the 1st March and 30th June we will be giving away free systems valued at $14,429. This Solar system could save the average family $1508 every year! It is a beautiful way to save!

In 2015, Sonnen was chosen from 6,900 companies worldwide – for the Global Cleantech 100 list and was voted “Company of the Year” in the Europe & Israel region. In 2016, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) elected sonnen to the list of the world’s 50 most innovative companies. In January of this year, sonnen was also awarded the $1.5M Zayed Future Energy Prize.

Sonnen earns two prestigious awards for continued excellence in clean technology global leadership

For the third year in a row, Sonnen has been included in the Global Cleantech 100 list as a leading innovator in the Cleantech industry. This year, sonnen also earned the “Continued Excellence Award” for being the most innovative company included on the list for three consecutive years.

Solar Giveaway

January 23, 2017 – The Sonnen Group, the world’s largest producer of energy storage, was selected for the 2016 Global Cleantech 100 list. The list is compiled annually by the Cleantech Group and selected from more than 9,900 companies representing 77 countries. The Global Cleantech 100 list identifies the most innovative and promising companies in the renewable energy industry.

At this year’s award ceremony in San Francisco, Sonnen also received an additional honor, the “Continued Excellence Award,” which is given to the highest-ranked company that’s been listed on the Global Cleantech 100 for at least three years in a row.

“From day one, the purpose of the Global Cleantech 100 program was to act as a barometric measure of companies and their contributions to the emergence and maturing of innovation in Cleantech – or the idea of “doing of more with less”,” said Richard Youngman, CEO, CTG (Cleantech Group). “Now, in our 8th year, we’re seeing more signs of the continued mainstreaming of clean technologies, sustainability and resource efficiency. We’re on a journey to this being the ethical and normal way business is done.”

Solar Giveaway

Deloitte appoints sonnen as one of the ten fastest growing technology companies in Germany

Wildpoldsried, 10. November 2016 – The sonnen Group, European market leader for intelligent energy storage systems, has been awarded the “Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award” for the second time in a row. sonnen achieved a Top 10 placement in this year’s ranking.

The award is given annually to the fastest growing technology companies for innovative and entrepreneurial excellence. The ranking considers the average percentage of sales growth over the past four business years. sonnen is represented with an accomplished growth rate  of 576 %.

“We are delighted that many companies from the technology sector have applied for the Fast 50 Award this year with impressive ideas. This once again illustrates the innovative strength in Germany. Smart IT solutions and business processes are facing a significant demand in the digital age. All Fast 50 participants have recognized this need and have successfully exploited their potential in international competition, “explains Dr. Andreas Gentner, Partner and Head of Technology, Media & Telecommunications at Deloitte.

The Sonnen Battery is an intelligent energy storage system, which in combination with a photovoltaic system secures a large supply of self-generated electricity. More than 15,000 Sonnen Batterys have already been installed worldwide.

More information can be found directly from Sonnen. See below links.

Solar Giveaway

From our family to yours! Between the 1st March and 30th June we will be giving away free systems valued at $14,429. This Solar system could save the average family $1508 every year! It is a beautiful way to save!

The system consists of 3kw PV Panels + 4kWh Battery. Its time to tear up those big power bills and start enjoying the savings! Its money in the bank from day one!

Check out the Battery. Its smart, efficient and beautiful.

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