Pycon Pointers

We’ve been building for a long time and we know there’s lots to consider, including the many exciting options around design and inclusions.

But there are other important areas that should be on your radar, regardless of who you build with.

Watch the short video and browse our easy to read brochure below – you’ll improve your knowledge and be on your way to making informed decisions about your new home!

Read through our Pycon Pointers for more information

Should I renovate or build?

Ok I want to build but where do I start?

What’s a fixed price vs build only price?

Why do I need a soil test?

What is a survey?

When do you need a Bushfire Assessment?

What is Basix?

What are site costs?

What flooring is included?

Or, You can view our online flipbook here.

You can also click here to download a free PDF copy you can print.

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