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What is a build only price vs fixed price?

Once you know how much you can spend you want to make sure that the pricing you receive includes everything you need. Exactly what is included or excluded as well as the level of inclusions can vary widely from builder to builder.Some builders will present a “build only” or “base price” which is the lowest price they can put on the table. You can think of this as building a…

Why do we need a soil test and survey?

Why do we need a soil test? Before any builder can begin work on your new home, they need to know what type of soil is present on your site. This is because different soil types require different building treatments, and this is where a soil test comes in. The results of the test lead to a soil classification which lets the engineer determine the requirements for the foundations…

What are Site Costs

What are Site Costs? The slope of your land and soil test results form part of the overall site costs for your home. The poorer the soil and the larger the slope the more expensive the site costs. Other components of site costs can include vegetation or soil removal if your block requires a large cut. The type and extent of any retaining walls also come in here. The…

Bushfire Attack Level

A Bushfire Attack Level (or BAL) measures the exposure of a home to a potential bushfire hazard. If you suspect your land may be impacted by bushfire it is important to dig further. BAL ratings range from Low to Flame Zone and can have a significant impact on costs. Accredited practitioners can assess your home and provide your rating on a BAL Certificate. This can then be used to…

What is Basix?

To help improve the sustainability and efficiency of homes the NSW government requires new buildings to comply with regulations known as BASIX. The NSW government states that since 2004 BASIX compliant homes have saved drinking water equivalent to 112,573 Olympic swimming pools and reduced greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 1.8 million cars off the road. The water consumption, energy usage and thermal comfort of all new homes are…

Steel or Timber

When it comes to Steel or Timber in your new home, it is important to know the facts. Strength and Durability All homes built in Australia by licensed professional builders are engineered to meet Australian standards regardless of the frame material being used. Any home professionally built and engineered will stand the test of time. Every piece of timber is machine stressed and awarded a structural grade. Steel relies…

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