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Bushfire Attack Level

Bushfire Attack Level

Bushfire Attack Level

A Bushfire Attack Level (or BAL) measures the exposure of a home to a potential bushfire hazard. If you suspect your land may be impacted by bushfire it is important to dig further. BAL ratings range from Low to Flame Zone and can have a significant impact on costs. Accredited practitioners can assess your home and provide your rating on a BAL Certificate. This can then be used to ensure the construction of your home meets the required standards.

Our Tip – Ensure your builder includes the costs of the BAL rating for your home in your price before you sign a contract. Some estates have a map with BAL ratings outlined over the blocks and this can be a quick and useful place to start.

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Forster Display Home – The Oceanic

97 Kentia Drive Forster Grange

Port Macquarie Display Home – The Waratah

18 York St Thrumster

Port Macquarie Display Home – The Bayside

20 York St Thrumster

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